Megatheria is a city that underwent a period of heavy war, it was once a prosperous place filled with happy people. Many years have passed since the war and in its current state areas of heavy damage can still be seen, areas that were never fully restored to their former glory. Many parts of the city still remain demolished. 

FAILED ATTEMPT - The nefarious trio proceeded to hand Kanak the beating of her life; all because she was different, all because she thought outside the box.


SEVERED - The Island Gang Headquarters had been targeted and hit by a vicious rival. Gas grenades where thrown through the windows and Dr. Mendel’s patients were free to walk through the corridors unattended. Ison (left) had been woken up from his sleep and wandered the halls dazed and confused. He was Fixer’s newest biological weapon. As he (Ison) got used to his new limbs he stumbled upon one of his worst nightmares; his sister’s severed head laying on the floor beneath him.