These sheets where all produced in 2016, they feature early stages of character design, from Silhouette design to Character explorations, color palettes and posing.

DYSON MILAN DESIGNS - Dyson is a 34 year old human / creature hybrid who’s main reason for living is to take care and look after the love of his life Kanak Ganea. He was once a bipedal human being but due to horrible circumstances was surgically fused to the body of a Megatherian creature in order to stay alive. Dyson is not a killer, he’s artistic and a great story teller. When Kanak is in danger however he can turn vicious and will do whatever it takes to keep her out of harm’s way. Due to his aesthetic he is incredibly self conscious when in public and hates it when people try to treat him like an animal. This happens often with strangers because of his current quadruped aesthetic.

AS SHE STOOD ON THE CORNER - Her genetic make up did not allow her to shed tears or show weakness, although this time around she had gotten mixed up badly with The Island Gang and there was no escaping her reality. Even though the hole she had fallen into seemed too deep to escape she desperately fought the urge of giving up. At times it seemed like death would take care of everything, at times all she wished for was to go back home, to the sky. As she stood on the corner doing her job her body began to fail on her, nothing would be alright but she stood on that corner regardless. She stood motionless and called out for help… one last time.