Megatheria is a city that underwent a period of heavy war, it was once a prosperous place filled with happy people. Many years have passed since the war and in its current state areas of heavy damage can still be seen, areas that were never fully restored to their former glory. Many parts of the city still remain demolished. 

Rivier Bumagsak or "The River of the Fallen" is Megatheria's longest river which flows through most of the island. Once upon a time the banks of the river were filled with people. Early Megatherians lived there before the Imperial invasion, before hostile take overs by notorious gangs. Bumagsak allowed early settlers to hunt and fish in abundance as rain poured in the area during all of its seasons. The extremely hot and humid climate bred lush vegetation which would easily swallow up structures left by settlers. In the present time Bumagsak is a neutral area of Megatheria, no gangs, no government occupies its wild forestry. 

It isn't controlled by any of the leading forces in the island, but there are rumours that a band of rogue giant breeders currently call the old flesh factories home. The old flesh factories built by the government hundreds of years ago were left to waste away because the harsh conditions in the area were unbearable to live in for most. It is said that this band of lunatics apparently have taken control of the archaic machinery left in the area and have begun breeding giants once again in order to take down the powers that they most hate. With civil war in mind they (The Yumayari) quietly plan and scheme guerrilla warfare tactics that may aid them in their dangerous mission.

FAILED ATTEMPT - The nefarious trio proceeded to hand Kanak the beating of her life; all because she was different, all because she thought outside the box.