After a year of the Project being on pause RFP Artist Gabriel Ortega is back at it. The latest addition to the collection of Art for the film will be a set of Key Art pieces from "The Grand Boar" scene where Anouk first encounters KASBIL. The road to completing these Key Art pieces has begun with this brand new set of Thumbnails. They rough out some ideas for the 2 final paintings.

Literature used as inspiration was taken from the Pawns script:

"Anouk is inside the den, stepping lightly and looking
the shadowy interior. In the middle of the hut sits a lime-green fire pit lined with pale, spherical rocks. crackles warmly but somehow the fire hasn’t the strength to burn away the darkness permeating the hut. He steps in and creeps slowly, clearly he’s nervous.

Two small skinned-corpses of unknown origin hang from the upper support beams of the hut, they both seem to bare some kind of physical deformity, as if the dweller of the hut is drawn to the mutates and freaks of the species. Anouk sees something round and soft within the shadows, he moves closer and begins to poke it.

KASBIL grunts loudly as he awakens, throwing over an old clay bowl. It smacks the floor resonantly!

Anouk whimpers as he starts, backing away quickly and hiding behind a clay pot that features many differing visages of Abaddon as Kasbil leans forward and comes into the light and view.

KASBIL (O.S) (His voice comes across as raspy and aged very poorly - Irritated, he was awoken by Anouk. He grumbles as he inspects Anouk peering over the pot.)

You’re the little shit that’s been causing the troubles? Come. Step before me.

Anouk wishes not to look upon the disfigured mass that is the Grand Boar. He begins to cautiously walk towards Kasbil, stopping just shy of his reach. Anouk stares at the decrepit floor boards. Kasbil seems old, so very old, and rendered frail by time and the cruelty of the jungle. He leisurely leans forward to a seated position. Moving his body from a soft cushion that forms part of a large daybed held into place by wires reaching from the ceiling. Many more wires extend throughout the ceiling, all pointing in different directions. Anouk finds his eyes wandering towards the old Haas’ legs. Both having undergone amputations - one above the knee, the other, halfway up his thigh. Due to the fact that he’s unable to walk, the wires around his hut serve as his main source of transportation."

Written by Kristopher Wile and Luis Monzon.


Two individuals who undergo a twisted journey. See them lit and rendered for the first time here:

Ivanna - Kalil


Full color ortho sheet for Anouk has been completed. A long collaborative effort finally coming to a finish. View it now on the Gallery. This sheet was a collaboration between Sol Devia and Gabriel E. Ortega.


Tamika Sculpt and Model: Rob de Villiers has done an excellent job with the Tamika sculpt. Her stuffed toy Lubby, her back pouch and flashlight have all been added to the model - just a few minor tweaks that are still to be made and Tamika will be ready to move on to the Rigging stage. 

Anouk Ortho Design - Full Color: The Anouk design is the simplest out of all the character designs, with no added weapons or armour it is very important that the feel for the protagonist is kept in tact. Sol Devia is the one making sure that the "good guy" essence is made clear in this orthographic sheet. 

Ivanna Texturing Ref Sheet: Ivanna's 1st form is a vile one - her developing organs make her skin surface translucent. Her skin is veiny and muscular - her arms and legs are covered with a purple goo that shines as light touches it. All of these details and more will be clearly depicted in the Ivanna texturing ref sheet done by Gabriel E. Ortega. The sheet will serve as a referencing point for texture artists to work with when texturing the Ivanna 1st Form model.

Modelling Turntable Vid Package: Kalil Montero and Ivanna V01 have both been modelled - using Maya and Arnold both models have been placed on-top a display stand, they have been lit and are currently being rendered. Various turntables are being completed, comped and placed together in a video package that showcases the models done by Rob de Villiers and Gabriel E. Ortega.


Tamika's full color ortho-sheet is done. Get a preview of this mysterious character on our Gallery.

Colors and textures done by the amazing Sol Devia. Original linework and design by Gabriel E. Ortega.