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AS SHE STOOD ON THE CORNER - Her genetic make up did not allow her to shed tears or show weakness, although this time around she had gotten mixed up badly with The Island Gang and there was no escaping her reality. Even though the hole she had fallen into seemed too deep to escape she desperately fought the urge of giving up. At times it seemed like death would take care of everything, at times all she wished for was to go back home, to the sky. As she stood on the corner doing her job her body began to fail on her, nothing would be alright but she stood on that corner regardless. She stood motionless and called out for help… one last time.

A CITY IN RUIN - Megatheria is a city that underwent a period of heavy war, it was once a prosperous place filled with happy people. Many years have passed since the war and in its current state areas of heavy damage can still be seen, areas that were never fully restored to their former glory. Many parts of the city still remain demolished. 

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FAILED ATTEMPT - The nefarious trio proceeded to hand Kanak the beating of her life; all because she was different, all because she thought outside the box.