Born an orphan during the height of a great war.

A lonely, reserved and pious child. Kasbil was odd and ugly. Always looking to be accepted but rejected at every turn. He grew jealous and began to hate those around him. He was pushed into the war effort against his wishes and during his first battle, Kasbil lost both of his legs. As he awaited death to take him - he swore to Abaddon: eternal devotion in return for his life. At that moment, as he lay looking upwards at the stary sky awaiting his death - a light burst before him and the fighting all around him seized.

Kasbil was taken aboard a ship by a vassal of Abaddon himself. The being known as Sa'dah had been commanded to take him to its lord. Then Abaddon spoke to him and told him that if his wish was to live - he would need to fulfil his promise to serve him for all eternity. Kasbil agreed. But as a test of his devotion, they altered him physically and mentally. Kasbil awoke within the jungle and began killing and eating small animals, both for nourishment and for sport. His endless hunger eventually led him to hunt and kill his own species, Haas, as he despised them. 

He would eat them too.

The devil of the jungle was born. Soon he found himself fascinated with a specific group of Haas. A farming hamlet. He made them fear him as he hunt them. One by one. Killing and eating. Eventually three males and three females were all that was left and through fear and manipulation he dominated them. Became their leader. 

Abaddon spoke to Kasbil regularly, through dreams, through whispers. Kasbil would tell his folk of Abaddon's plans, that they should fear Yahweh and to prepare for the second coming of the Elseere.


story by Gabriel E. Ortega

written by Luis Monzon Ortega