$150 (Single character, no environment), $300 (Two characters + Environment) Fully rendered HD digital painting. I can currently only take on one client (so hurry before the spot gets taken by somebody else) because of my full time job at a design studio. Jobs can take anywhere from 2 to 3 weeks to complete. I will start working once you have deposited half of the fee to my PayPal account, when I've finished the piece you will receive it as soon as the second half of the fee has been paid. My contact details are at the bottom of the page. I look forward to creating Magic with you!


Lycanthropy was a form of madness where delusions and correspondingly altered behaviours (usually of a wolf) would be displayed by affected individuals. What if these "delusions" where real? What if a human being could transform into a beast? The story of the werewolf is one that has always fascinated me because of its transformative concept; the idea that nothing is as it seems. That darkness can somehow make men into monsters; the metaphor is one that can be applied to modern times and that is why the story of The Dogman (The Night Stalker) is timeless.


An Earl and powerful Prince of Hell. Commands thirty-six legions of demons, knows and can depict all things, past, present and future. Some texts suggest that he is the Egyptian god Anubis, he is a giant who stands at over eight feet tall. He can elicit courage and intuition on the part of the conjuror if summoned.

SEVERED - The Island Gang Headquarters had been targeted and hit by a vicious rival. Gas grenades where thrown through the windows and Dr. Mendel’s patients were free to walk through the corridors unattended. Ison (left) had been woken up from his sleep and wandered the halls dazed and confused. He was Fixer’s newest biological weapon. As he (Ison) got used to his new limbs he stumbled upon one of his worst nightmares; his sister’s severed head laying on the floor beneath him.

MIDDLE AGED MALE SCULPTING PRAC - Learning to integrate ZBrush into my design process in order to speed up and improve my work flow and quality. 


Posting on a weekly basis about my transition and art. Here on the Jugg Section you will be able to find my most treasured pieces but if you want to learn about me (Gabrielle Ortega) as a person then follow me on IG. Besides sharing my personal journey of transition (I am a transgender woman) I post sketches, thumbnails and will occasionally run a poll or two to get some opinions on what topics I should base my works on next.